Viscose Chain Report 2007 | Dated- 01 Apr 2008
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The “Viscose Chain Report: 2007” contains 90 pages packed with up-to-date statistics covering the value chain starting from viscose staple fibre and viscose filament yarn. The Report consists of tabulations and graphical presentation of trends, statistics of demand and supply in the viscose chain across countries along with an objective analysis of the behaviour of individual segments of the value chain. Major investments and capacity shut down have also been briefly captured. In addition to the above, the report also covers times series on production, imports, exports and apparent consumption for the period 1998 to 2006. Processes description, end use and derivatives along with the latest producer-wise capacity are added feature of this report.

In 2006, 2.1 million tons of viscose staple fibre was produced globally, of which 80% was produced in Asia. Viscose staple fibre makes up approximately 82% of the total cellulose fibre production. During the same year, about 427 thousand tons of viscose filament yarn were produced globally, a growth of 10% compared to previous year. Overall, VFY holds a share of 15% in total cellulose fibre production. .


China and West Europe are the major consuming countries and consumed around 946 thousand tons and 495 thousand tons of viscose staple fibre respectively. Middle East consumed around 283 thousand tons of VSF in 2006. According to YnFx forecast, consumption in China is expected to grow at the rate of 3.6% per annum by 2012. Africa is the major importer of VFY followed by West Europe and Asia.

In 2004, around 447 thousand tons of viscose was consumed by West Europe, of which more than 50% of viscose was consumed for Industrial use and 34% for apparel. The amount of viscose fibre consumed in home furnishing is relatively small, accounting for about 6.3% of all viscose fibre consumed in West Europe in 2004.tons.

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